Telecoms market in Central and Eastern Europe: time for new strategies

The value of the telecoms markets in Central and Eastern European countries as measured in local currencies decreased but only slightly in 2009. However, due to financial crisis and those currencies weakening, in euro terms the market lost a sixth of its value. First signs of macroeconomic recovery have already been visible. Operators must decide now what services would grant them the highest margins in the coming years.
The cumulative value of the telecommunications services market in Central and Eastern Europe amounted to approx. €51.6bn in 2009, which means the market declined by 16.7% in euro terms. This negative dynamic was reported by the market for the first time ever. Growth rates measured in local currencies in particular countries were significantly better, and actually none of the markets dropped by more than 5% last year. The difference between those rates of change is connected with the global financial crisis and the weakening of local currencies against euro.

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