Knowledge Management Systems in Eastern Europe

One of the effects of the inflow of foreign investors into the Central and Eastern European region has been an increase in demand for market intelligence services. Due to the growing importance of business information, nowadays knowledge management is increasingly supported by related software applications and enterprise content management systems. In this context, the Russian market is no exception.
From the creation of the knowledge management systems (KMS) concept in the 1980s, the focus has been on the management system of the effective internal/external accessing, analysing, exchanging and consolidating of information in an organisation. This approach uses both structural data and knowledge of staff and other unstructured information based on a shift in the approach to information management from data as warehouse to information as a flow. The reasons for creating the concept and commercial promotion of the B2B solution market have been as follows: the trend of a huge increase in the information flow in the business world and the boom of telecommunication technologies for data exchange (including web-based).

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