Polish SMEs facing longer hardware replacement cycles

The replacement cycle of hardware in Polish medium sized companies has extended over the past five years. In the case of computers it now stands at 4,5 years. One third of SMEs use no IT services at all, while only approx. 4% of them declare to use EU funding for IT projects.
We estimate that there are currently 1.4m computers (desktop and portable) in the sector of small and medium businesses in Poland. On average, small and medium enterprises in Poland have 15 computers, of which 73% (roughly one million units) are desktops. The number of units depends not only on the number of employees in a company, but also on its income, the degree of the influence of a foreign investor, an d the number of departments in a company. In terms of size, there are forty-two computers on average in medium sized businesses, and just nine in small firms.

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