Broadband to drive development of CIS telecoms markets in 2009 and 2010

At the beginning of 2009 the fixed-line and mobile telephony markets in most CIS countries reached a degree of maturity. In the next few years demand for telephony services is not going to grow as rapidly as before, and in some countries the market is expected even to decline as a result of the economic crisis. CIS telecoms operators are, therefore, now devoting their attention to broadband.
In all CIS countries the GSM networks of mobile operators cover most of the national territory, and mobile telephony is available to the mass market. Average spending on the service varies between $8 and $12 per month. A certain degree of stagnation has been experienced in the arena of fixed-line telephony, at least in terms of new investments in network development which have not been observed for a few years. There have been a number of differences in penetration levels and market characteristics observed in specific countries which can be explained in terms of economic, cultural or geographic conditions, along with the efficiency of national telecoms regulatory practices and the regulations of each country.

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