Analyses for ICT (IT & telecommunications) market

  • SaaS still has a small share of Poland’s software market

    The choice between software delivery in the SaaS format and in the traditional model is not a straightforward one. It depends on the type of software, its function, the way it is used, the frequency of upgrades or updates, or the size of the user company. Even so, it should be… »

  • Polish telecommunications market – regional differences

    The telecommunications market in Poland recorded a several percent decline in 2013 as compared to 2012. But, as a new PMR report „Telecommunications market in Poland 2014 – Regional focus. Development forecasts for 2014-2018” shows, the picture varied considerably, not… »

  • Polish SME sector goes mobile

    Polish small and medium-sized entreprises more frequently use portable devices. There is no doubt the trend of mobility is gathering momentum. Over the last two years or so hardware replacement cycles have stretched slightly. In the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises… »

  • IT market in Russia 2014 – current situation and short term outlook

    Total sales of IT products and services in Russia were worth RUB 711.6bn (€16.8bn) in 2013, which is 0.5% less than the figure for the previous period. The IT market in the country declined for the first time since the crisis of 2009. Many leading players reported a… »

  • IT market in Central and Eastern Europe – key trends and forecasts

    IT market in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) will increase by 4.5% annually in 2014-2018. The CEE countries seem to be quite homogeneous when it comes to the IT market trends and tendencies. However, some regional, country-characteristic differences appear. The value of the… »

  • Mobile internet gaining in significance

    In terms of potential revenue growth, operators are singling out mobile internet as an expanding market among the various types of value added services. In same time however, owing to slower value acceleration, the influence of the payTV segment on the whole telecommunications… »

  • Cloud computing market mushrooming

    Results of a study conducted in May 2014 by PMR among the 300 largest IT firms in Poland as part of the report “The cloud computing market in Poland 2014. Development forecasts for the years 2014-2018” indicate that the main players are optimistic with regard to the further… »

  • Data centre market in Poland continues to grow

    Data centres are one of the most promising segments of the entire ICT market in Poland. As PMR forecasted a year ago, there is a clear movement in new server space. Although some investment projects have been postponed, the scenario of a surge in colocation resources, outlined… »

  • Value of the IT security market in Poland and main trends

    Over the past three years the Polish IT security market has seen borderline double-digit growth. This is almost double the level of the prevailing trends across the IT market as a whole. In 2013 the market value stood at PLN 870 million. Although spending on IT security by… »

  • Mobile telephony shapes the telecom markets in CIS countries

    The way the mobile telephony markets in the CIS countries and Georgia developed is utterly different from how the fixed-line segment evolved. First of all, the mobile telephony markets are relatively competitive and already saturated in terms of SIM card numbers. The… »