News for ICT (IT & telecommunications) market

  • Poland: 42% of SMES use e-commerce

    About 42% of Polish SMEs sell their products via internet, according to the research “Polish consumer in the network”, conducted by They own e-shops, use online social networking services (e.g. Facebook) or auction services (e.g. Allegro) to sell goods and services. Their… »

  • Q1 2017: growth in the value of IT tenders in Poland

    The total value of tenders in IT sector rose by ca. 30% in Q1 2017 when compared to Q1 2016, according to In Q1 2017, 2,483 tendersdirectly related to the IT industry were settled, over a half of them in January. Their overall value reached PLN 1.28bn (€300.6m). It means a growth… »

  • Romania’s Digi to launch IPO

    One of the leading providers of telecommunications and pay TV services in Romania, Digi, plans to launch an IPO (Initial Public Offering) of ordinary shares of class B on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in May. The offer will allow investors to benefit from company’s management team’s… »

  • O2: wireless internet for Slovakian villages

    A provider of mobile service in Slovakia – O2, plans to ensure high-speed wireless internet access to suburban districts and areas with single-family houses, according to Currently, O2 provides wireless internet access to households and businesses in more than 160 villages in… »

  • Mediatel and ARP fight for HAWE Telekom

    Mediatel, Polish telecom company and the owner of HAWE Telekom, believes that the Industrial Development Agency (ARP) aims at selling Hawe Telekom and liquidating the company, which would consequently mean the liquidation of the entire capital group Hawe. Hawe Telekom owes ARP PLN 80m (€18.9m)… »

  • Poles watch videos 4 hours a day

    A statistical Pole spends about four hours daily watching video content, according to a study by PwC, reports About 62% of respondents do this on their mobile devices. The most popular online video service in Poland is YouTube, with 74% of viewers, and it is followed by… »

  • Romania: 78% growth in fixed connection speeds in 2016

    The average fixed broadband internet download speed in Romania grew by 78%, to 95 Mbps in 2016, reports ANCOM. The average download speed for mobile connections rose by 35% to 26 Mbps. When it comes to the average upload speeds, they increased to 78.8 Mbps (+46%) for fixed broadband connections and… »

  • Poland: drop in average time spent on watching TV

    A statistical Pole watched TV for 4 hours 22 minutes in 2016, according to the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT). This period was about 2 minutes shorter than in 2015, the first drop since a few years. Despite the fact that 65.2% of Polish people still subscribe pay TV, more and more… »

  • Comarch acquires Geopolis

    Polish software provider and integrator of advanced IT services and software, Comarch, took over 100% of shares in Polish company Geopolis, specialising in the computerisation of public administration. Comarch acquired copyrights for ERGO software, which enables the distribution of the solution in… »

  • RCS&RDS: 38% growth in the mobile customer base

    Romanian fixed internet and pay TV operator, RCS&RDS, attracted 38% more mobile telephony customers in Q1 2017 than in Q1 2016, according to the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM), reports RCS&RDS gained over 145,200 mobile customers… »