M2M transport monitoring services in Russia to reach RUB 8bn in 2011

The market of machine-to-machine (M2M) remote monitoring services for transportation in Russia is expected to reach RUB 8bn (€200m) in 2011, according to Oleg Kraus, business development director for RNT, a Russian vehicle tracking and control systems provider.

At the same time, Kraus estimates the revenues of mobile operators from the data transmission related to M2M services could hit RUB 1bn (€25m) in 2011, with MTS and Vimpelcom being the country’s leaders in the reviewed market.

Mr Kraus considers that over the last years the demand for transport monitoring services in the country was increasing at an average annual rate of 70-100%, driven by large Russian forwarders that started to use this technology to optimize routes and control fuel use. With an expected annual growth of 70% over the next three years, revenues of mobile operators from M2M services could reach as high as RUB 5bn (€115.8m).