Russia launches inter-agency electronic data exchange in October

As of 1 October 2011, all the federal executive bodies in Russia switched to electronic inter-agency cooperation. Most of the inter-agency documents are available in electronic form. Regional and municipal authorities are expected to be connected to the electronic data exchange system in July 2012. After integrating all levels of authorities in July next year, there will be 940 electronic forms used for 340 different public services in the country.

According to Alexei Popov, head of the Russian federal government's IT and Telecom department, 80% out of more than 130 web services to be used for data exchange are already developed. As a consequence, the electronic data exchange system was recently launched for 37 out of 56 main Russian ministries taking part in the project.

With the introduction of the federal electronic data exchange system, Russian authorities will not be allowed to ask either companies or citizens for current certificates issued by any other public body, since they will be accessible through the newly launched system. According to Elvira Nabiullina, the Russian Economic Development Minister, putting “E-government” into operation will not only make the usage of public services easier for Russians but also will bring each government agency annual savings up to RUB1bn (€23.2m).