Russian market of printing hardware returns to its pre-crisis value

The market of printing hardware in Russia in H1 2011 bounced back to its pre-crisis performance revealing an increasing interest of the customers to invest in new technologies and complex solutions, according to Marianna Imenyuhoyeva, the director of small office hardware division in Xerox Russia quoted inDailyComm.

The price stopped being the only factor behind the purchasing decisions of Russian customers in 2011. As a consequence, the demand shifted to the segment of more expensive high performing equipment. Especially observable was the the sector of small and middle-sized enterprises coming back to life. However, Ms Imenyuhoyeva considers that it is still too early to talk about full market recovery.

The segment of peripheral printing equipment experienced a 15% year-on-year growth in terms of sales by volume during Q1 2011. The growth was driven by the sales of multifunctional and colour printing equipment, with the latter going up by 40% in Q1 2011 on a yearly basis. The segment of low-end printing equipment (especially monochrome printers), witnessed a steady price decrease over the first six months of 2011.

Asked about most visible current trends in the Russian IT market, Marianna Imenyuhoyeva pointed out a widening range of cloud-based products and a growing demand for portable computers. Another upward trend is increasing in the number of multi-profile IT companies, as a consequence of acquisitions and mergers. Also, outsourcing of IT services is going up in 2011 with an expected annual growth of 25-27%. On the rise is also an interest in green technology bringing noticeable energy savings.