Inoventica received RUB 750m investments in cloud computing services

Inoventica, a Russian high tech start up, received by October 2011 a RUB 750m (€17.5m) of investor’s financing for the development of cloud computing services and necessary infrastructure for their provision.

In May 2011, Inoventica presented its development strategy to invest RUB 1.3-1.7bn (€32.5-42.5m) in cloud computing, aiming to become the first national IT operator in the country which implements cloud computing projects on a national scale through its own infrastructure. According to the mentionted strategy, Inoventica’s ICT infrastructure is to consist of a leased and partly built 20,000-25,000 km fiber-optic network with a bandwidth of 8 Tbps and six data centres located no more than 500 km from end users.The customers are to include public entities and institutions, small and medium businesses, large corporations, telecom operators, hosting providers, software developers and data centre operators.

During first four months of operations the company built 11,000 km of backbone fibre optical network and started the construction of the datacentre. In June 2011, the company also acquired Garant-Park-Internet, a provider of cloud computing services in Russia.