Svyaznoy to launch online department stores

The leading Russian mobile phone retailer Svyaznoy is launching a new format of online department stores, Svyaznoy-Market. In addition to phone electronics, it will sell consumer electronics, furniture, jewellery, sports and children’s goods and garden furniture. Goods will be ordered via a 24 hour call centre and can be delivered to the store or directly to the customer by courier. It will be the first store in this format in Russia, combining online retail with a traditional store format.

Svyaznoy has used British catalogue retailer Argosas a model for its new format, which combines its own store chain with a digital ordering system, and has a very large assortment of goods.

The first Svyaznoy-Market department store (800 m²) is to open at the end of October. Svyaznoy is planning to open five such outlets in Moscow by 2012. It is planning to open a store in Ryazan in November and further stores subsequently in Yaroslavl and Rostov.