Yandex yet to decide on expansion outside Russia

Yandex, one of the leading Russian internet companies, and the operator of the most prominent internet search engine in Russia, is planning international expansion, according to East-West Digital News. In order to reach this goal, the company has recently created technology which will allow it to index several tens of billions of pages, in contrast to four billion at present, and has extended its satellite-based online mapping service to global dimensions, similar to those of Google and Bing.

The success of the company will depend largely on the financial results of the Turkish version of the web search engine, which was introduced in Turkey in September 2011. These results will be analysed at the end of 2012 and will show whether it is possible for the company to expand internationally.

So far, Yandex has reached only 0.6% of the Turkish search market. The company does not know how to assert its leadership in countries in which Russian is spoken by a substantial proportion of the population. In Uzbekistan, Yandex is estimated to account for 28% of the market, in comparison with 30% in Ukraine and only 6% in Israel, where is a very large Russian diaspora. These results do not suggest that Yandex will expand easily in the international arena.