Rules of public service access identification approved

Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree which describes the rules of unified identification and authorisation associated with the use of e-government services. The ESIA system, created in 2011-2012 by Rostelecom for the registered users of a unified portal of public services, now has officially approved utilisation conditions.

The decree states that access to the e-government services would be granted exclusively for entities registered via the ESIA system. However, the limitation does not apply to legal instruments affecting the rights, freedoms or duties of citizens, information about the environment, the activities of government agencies and the use of budget funds, along with data collected in the open funds of libraries, museums and archives. Registration in the ESIA system is open to individuals (including foreigners), stateless persons and individual entrepreneurs, legal persons, officials, and all levels of government, along with the information systems of government agencies and other organisations. ESIA will identify and authenticate users and information systems and will carry out user authorisation. Furthermore, it generates a list of users and information systems used in the past. The rules state that the use of the system is free-of-charge.