ABC Data sells 51% of shares in Scop Computers

At the end of July 2013 ABC Data, one of the biggest IT distributors in Poland, sold 51% of the shares in Scop Computers, one of the leading IT distributors in Romania. ABC Data acquired Scop Computers in November 2010 as the distributor planned to strengthen its position on the IT distribution market in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2012 Scop Computers and several other IT distributors went through turmoil as their businesses were temporarily shut down due to suspicions of tax fraud. Scop Computers, R.H.S Company and CNDPI Romsoft had their bank accounts and operations blocked by the Romanian authorities for almost a month and while the first two managed to continue their business after this incident, the third distributor went bankrupt and disappeared from the market. The companies are still under investigation. As for Scop Computers, in April 2012 the Romanian court approved the company’s request to commence, on 18 April, reorganization proceedings and appoint a court supervisor. These actions by the authorities were the reason why ABC Data sold its shares in the Romanian distributor, in effect exiting the Romanian market. However, according to statements from the company, the Polish distributor is not ruling out re-entry on the Romanian IT market.