MTS fixed voice services more popular in the business sector

Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) reported an increase in the number of subscribers of fixed-line telephony services in the business market in Central Russia. The customer base almost doubled in the comparison with the previous year. Furthermore, in August 2013 the total number of corporate customers using broadband internet from MTS also doubled compared to August 2012. The biggest demand for fixed-line telephony in the corporate sector was recorded in Tver and Smolensk regions, where the consumption of these services has quadrupled over the last twelve months. In Belgorod and Kaluga regions the popularity of fixed-line services doubled. Among the corporate clients of MTS in Central Russia, using fixed-line services are Sberbank, Home Credit and Finance Bank, Sportmaster, IDGC of Centre, Russian Post and Gazprom Mezhregiongas.