Every third technology startup in Poland sells SaaS

The Startup Poland Foundation, a non-profit organization that represents Polish community of newly emerged companies, prepared a new report on Polish startups. Currently, there are over 2,600 companies in the foundation’s base, while the research (published in October 2016) covered the operations of roughly one quarter of them. According to the interviewers, startup is a company which is connected with the digital economy sector (with particular emphasis on data processing) or creates new solutions in the area of ​​ICT.

“Polish Startups 2016” report shows that nearly three-quarters of Polish startups are during the development stage, which means that they have already entered the market and can now focus on the product development. The surveys conducted in other European countries indicate that Polish startups are still very young - their average age does not exceed 2 years. Only Romanian (1.3 year) and Italian (1.7) startups function in the market for a shorter period than the Polish ones. Interestingly, half of the surveyed companies are financed from their own funds. The data presented in the report also shows that 80% of startups use their own funds in the project.

129231.png?954The vast majority of Polish startups develop products for business, mainly for large companies and corporations. Every third respondent sells its services in the SaaS model. One out of five startups declare that they manufacture or design the hardware. The most popular categories of products or services offered by Polish startups include: mobile, e-comerce, business software, education, big data and Internet of Things. More than a half of the companies which took part in the survey are registered in one of the following locations: Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan or the Tricity (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot). At the same time, 3% of companies are registered abroad (mainly in Great Britain and the USA).