Polish IT companies accused of bid rigging

Polish antimonopoly regulator UOKiK (Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) is investigating an alleged collusion between Polish IT companies leading to bid rigging. The prohibited agreement may concern the three tenders for provision of hosting and collocation services organised by Central Examination Board and the Marshall Office of Malopolska region. The initiator of the collusion is supposedly Infomex. The company reportedly applied for a public contract or was a subcontractor and together with the contractors determined the conditions of tenders.

The evidence of collusion was gained among others during the search on the premises of the companies. Those suspected of collusion applied a mechanism of bid rigging which involved withdrawing an offer by the winner of the tender, so that another conspirator can win the contract. It resulted in an increase in the contract price. The participation in bid rigging is penalised with a fine which will not exceed 10% of the turnover generated by the company in the previous financial year.