IT outsourcing services harmful for projects in public administration?

Outsourcing of IT specialists could in fact be more expensive and less effective method of implementing IT projects in the public administration in Poland, believes Dominik Zochowski, CEO of Engave, IT services company. In an interview for CRN he states that the reduction of costs may be only superficial. Referring to the recent tender for Center for Informatics Technology (they plan to hire over 600 IT experts for three years), he suggests that that at the stage of selecting companies specialising in outsourcing, IT specialists’ experience may not be most important. Award criteria and their weights are as follows: 60% is assigned to the price, 20% to the number of recruiters, 10% to the number of Java developers and another 10% for the number of testers. Zochowski questions the criterion according to which the outsourcing company had to have previous experience in providing at least two outsourcing services in the IT industry (IT developers, architects, business analysts, testers) which amounted to at least PLN 15m (€3.4m) each. Thus, the knowledge of hired employees may be not verified accurately. Instead, the experience in winning large tenders is crucial.

Moreover, the recruitment of specialists working in the public sector should be more restrictive: it is all about the protection of sensitive data and access to national systems. Allocating different employees for the same tasks may also cause a chaos. At the same time, inviting only the largest companies to the tender (while neglecting the criterion of the quality and professionalism of services), introduces an imbalance in the market. Smaller IT companies may feel disadvantaged with this new method of implementing IT projects in the public administration.