Number of online buyers of smartphones increased by 26% in 2016

Smartphones took the largest share (24.5%) of internet sales of digital and computer equipment last year, according to research by RBC on the Russian online sales market for digital technology in 2016. At the same time, laptops came in second at 12.7%, followed by computers at 11.5%.

Smartphones also led in terms of the number of buyers, which was much higher than for other product categories and, moreover, increased by 26% in 2016, year on year.

RBC said it was not the first year that smartphones proved to be the most popular product on the digital technology market among online store shoppers. This is partly because unlike large equipment, smartphone purchases by internet are not associated with difficulties with delivery. In addition, checking out the characteristics of smartphones in person before the purchase is not so important for buyers. What is more, smartphones often can be purchased much cheaper online than in traditional retail stores, especially if including such foreign online retailers as AliExpress or eBay. The share of buyers of this product category was 46.7%, an increase of 7% compared to the previous year.