Infographic: Cloud computing market in Poland 2017

Perceived security of cloud services is the single most important aspect that will determine the development of cloud computing in Poland. The security issue has grown more and more prominent in our surveys over the last years. New security solutions that have emerged in the past few years should persuade at least some non-users to overcome their security concerns about cloud computing.

- Growing amounts of stored and processed data will have a significant and positive impact on cloud computing market development. Our respondents also consider the mobile market to be an important factor; its growing popularity will no doubt contribute to increased demand for cloud services.

- The value of the public cloud market is generated primarily by the segment of small and medium-sized companies.

- More than a fourth of large companies in Poland declare that they use cloud services. In most cases they use a hybrid mix of on-premises infrastructure and cloud-based resources.

- Only one in 20 Polish firms employing 250 or more persons says it has migrated all its IT resources to cloud.

- We expect continued dynamic growth across the main segments of the cloud computing market (SaaS, IaaS and PaaS).

- We project that the Polish cloud computing market will top PLN 1.6bn in 2021. This represents an upward revision from our 2016 forecast.