Analyses for ICT (IT & telecommunications) market

  • Pay TV cushions telecoms market from fall

    The values of the telecommunications services market and the pay TV market have been changing at highly disproportionate rates in recent years. The pay TV market has seen uninterrupted steady growth, unlike telecommunications services, which, following a downturn in 2009, have… »

  • IT market in Russia to reach €18bn in 2013

    In line with our forecasts presented in mid-2012, last year was the third consecutive period when the IT market in Russia recorded a healthy double-digit growth rate. The market will slow down somewhat in 2013, but it is far from being stagnant. The sales of IT products and… »

  • Internet distribution in cosmetics retail sales is growing in Central Europe

    According to Eurostat, in 2012 the biggest share of individuals who frequently use the internet was noted in Slovakia (74%), while the lowest figure was in Romania (43%). Furthermore, in all the countries there is a growing trend of internet use, as in Romania and Bulgaria the… »

  • Findings of survey on ICT services and infrastructure at large enterprises in Poland

    In the first quarter of 2013 PMR carried out the next edition of its survey on ICT resources at large enterprises (250+ employees). The survey covered a wide range of issues – from purchase of hardware, to IT services, spending on software solutions and security policy.… »

  • High growths on the cloud computing market in Poland

    The growth rate of the cloud computing market in Poland is falling every year, though it remains high. In 2012 it was 34%, despite a 4 p.p. year-on-year slide. The slowing dynamic does not mean that interest in this model among end clients is declining, however; on the contrary,… »

  • Geographical structure and size of data centres in Poland

    A closer look at the data centres market in Poland shows that small centres are still the largest group in this sector. On the other hand, the biggest data centres take on an increasingly dominant position in terms of total area occupied. As for the geographical spread, Warsaw… »

  • Current situation and forecasts for the IT market in Ukraine in 2013

    Ukrainian IT market went up only minimally in 2012, experiencing a decline in the second half of the year. Prospects for the sector have remained largely dependent on the overall macroeconomic situation in the country. Sales of IT products and services in Ukraine increased by… »

  • Romanian IT market in 2013 to remain export-oriented

    In recent few years Romanian IT branch has been strongly affected by the poor macroeconomic situation in the country. The sector only slightly recovered after a dramatic slump in 2009 due to the financial crisis. IT outsourcing, software development and other IT export-related… »

  • IT investment climate varies by sector

    The growth rate of the IT market for the health service has been rising steadily every year since 2010. In successive years, as the substitution of public hospitals with non-public ones gathered pace and the computerisation of this sector intensified, the growth rate increased.… »

  • Strong growth of the Polish data centre market

    Commercial data centres in Poland are growing in number and size. The demand for data processing services is increasing, followed by the revenues of the operators and the portfolio of services offered. Some major investments in expansion and modernisation of the existing… »