News for ICT (IT & telecommunications) market

  • Polish dedicated mobile broadband market close to saturation

    Katarzyna Sacha,
    IT&Telecoms Analyst, PMR

    According to PMR’s most recent calculations, the number of subscribers to dedicated mobile internet services (excluding access via mobile phones) amounted to 7.9 million in Poland at the end of 2017, averaging barely 1% annual growth. By comparison, a year earlier the rate of growth… »

  • IT software market in Poland: towards further consolidation and development

    Katarzyna Sacha,
    IT&Telecoms Analyst, PMR

      The acquisition of Macrologic by Asseco Business Solutions (ABS) in January 2018 has been by far the most significant event on the Polish ERP market over the last 12 months or so. After the merger ABS keeps on offering ERP systems under its own brand.  Concurrently, it also plans to… »

  • Exatel and PGZ to establish cyber security company

    Two Polish state-owned companies ­– Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) and telecommunications service provider Exatel set up a Qbitt company, with its main aim to deliver cyber security solutions to the armaments sector. Simultaneously, PGZ took 60% stake in the company and Exatel acquired… »

  • Orange Polska to pass additional 1.5m homes with its fibres

    Orange Polska decided to extend its program related to building optical networks in Poland. By 2020 Orange expects to have 5m homes passed with its fibre optic network, with comparison to 2m households in the first half of 2017. Thus, the operator will earmark around PLN 2.8bn (€667m) for this… »

  • OVH offers public cloud in Poland

    OVH, European cloud infrastructure and hosting services provider, launched public cloud services in Poland. OVH Public Cloud supports more than 150,000 cloud instances and 120 PB of physical space based on OpenStack solutions (on which IaaS is built). Company representatives claim that Polish data… »

  • P4 acquires frequencies in the 3.7 GHz band

    Play Communications, the owner of Polish mobile operator P4 announced that it had received a decision from Polish telecom market regulator UKE based on which it will get the utilisation rights for frequencies in the 3701-3715 MHz and 3715-3729 MHz bands. The allocated resources were originally held… »

  • Cybersecurity a priority for 43% of Polish CIOs in 2017-2020

    According to the study conducted by CIONET for VMware among 71 Polish CIOs, customer data leakage is perceived as the most serious failure in IT industry. As much as 78% of the surveyed executives stated that it will potentially be their most significant professional unsuccess. As the most severe… »

  • Two thirds of prepaid cards registered in Hungary

    About 68% of all prepaid SIM cards were registered in Hungary by 30 June – the mandatory registration deadline connected with the new regulation to fight against organised crime, according to local regulator NMHH. This means that around 2.7m out of 4m pre-paid SIM cards were registered.… »

  • Exatel announced 5G tests in Warsaw

    Exatel, Polish telecommunications service provider, announced that it will launch 5G tests next week in one shopping center in Warsaw. Tests will be conducted by the international RAPID 5G consortium, a member of which is Exatel. Michal Szczesny, Manager in Architecture and Network Planning… »

  • Polish MNO P4 to launch an IPO

    Play Communications, the owner of Polish mobile operator P4 (Play brand), announced its intention to launch an IPO this summer. Play wants to apply for listing and admission of the company’s ordinary shares on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. During the IPO, existing shares… »