Cybersecurity a priority for 43% of Polish CIOs in 2017-2020

According to the study conducted by CIONET for VMware among 71 Polish CIOs, customer data leakage is perceived as the most serious failure in IT industry. As much as 78% of the surveyed executives stated that it will potentially be their most significant professional unsuccess. As the most severe consequences of the IT department's failure, the CIOs listed a decrease in trust in the company (97%), a damage to one’s reputation in the job market (86%), health problems (72%) and job loss (60%). When asked about the priorities for 2017-2020, half of the respondents (49%) chose innovation for business. For 43% of them cybersecurity will be the most important issue during the coming years. At the same time, only one in five companies perceives mobility as a priority. According to the survey, it is usually the management and business owners who want to see the changes made, while regulators and support departments hamper technological improvements.