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How Much Cost Breast Augmentation?

Pricing is one of the most crucial factors to consider as you plan for a plastic surgery procedure like breast augmentation. Understanding what to expect and preparing appropriately takes much of the stress of prepping for surgery and enables you to concentrate on the thrill of revealing the new you.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Breast Augmentation?

The average fee for a breast augmentation procedure is $3,824. On the other hand, a breast lift had an average price tag of $4,816. Those average costs may include the cost charged by surgeons doing the procedure. There are other extra costs as well like:

  • Operating room fees
  • Anesthesia
  • Medical testing needed before and after surgery
  • Higher quality breasts implants
  • Medications
  • Expenses related to recovery and aftercare

When totaling up overall costs, breast augmentation treatments could carry a price tag of at least $5,000 to $10,000, depending on different factors like the region where the surgery is done, the surgeon’s expertise level, and the type of implant used.

Crucial Factors That Impact the Price of Breast Augmentation

There are some crucial factors that impact the final price you pay, especially if you compare different breast augmentation costs.

One of the crucial factors is whether you pick silicone or saline implants. Saline implants are affordable, but they are often described as less natural or too firm. Silicone gel is designed to copy the feel of natural breast tissue but comes at a higher price.

Also, the most skilled and experienced plastic surgeons are in higher demand and more likely to charge more than the national average. Patents in regions with a higher cost of living can expect to pay a premium for the surgery.

What Are the Fees Included in the Breast Implants Cost?

Most surgeons in the United States will quote you a package price for breast augmentation procedures, which involves the following:

  • fees of the surgeon
  • the cost of the implants
  • costs of anesthesia
  • cost of medications
  • costs of the implants
  • cost of pre-operative and post-operative care

It is essential to know the fees you’re quoted include before you continue. Anesthesia, operating costs, and implants can add thousands of dollars into the price apart from what your surgeon charges you for their fee.

Also, medications and the care you need in the recovery stage can be costly, particularly if any complications take place. Ensure that you know prior what is covered and under what scenarios you will incur extra charges.

Can A Health Insurance Cover A Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Take note that health insurance won’t cover purely cosmetic procedures. Nonetheless, most insurance policies cover the breast reconstruction treatment that most women get after undergoing a mastectomy because of breast cancer. Other insurance policies cover breast implants obtained by people transitioning as part of their transgender care.

Also, the particulars of the coverage, such as deductibles and co-insurance costs, will differ from one insurance policy to another. That’s why you should talk to your insurer about the coverage and be ready to appeal a claim if you’re undergoing breast implant surgery for reasons apart from pure cosmetics.

In case your health insurance doesn’t cover the procedure, you can still finance your procedure with other borrowing methods like credit cards, payment plans with your doctor, medical loans, CareCredit, and personal loans for cosmetic surgery.

With a price tag varying from $5,000 to $10,000, paying for a breast augmentation treatment can become a massive burden, especially if your insurer won’t cover the procedure. Make sure you know the entire costs you will need before you decide to get breast implants and learn all your options to find the most reasonable approach to paying for your care.

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