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How much do Passover gifts cost and what are the best options?

How much do Passover gifts cost and what are the best options

Passover Gifts

Passover commemorates the Biblical story, during which time the Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt. The holiday is often celebrated for seven days in Israel and eight days around the world, and incorporates the themes of springtime, a Jewish homeland, Jewish history, family, social justice and freedom.

In more recent times, it has become a traditional time for gift giving. For guests invited to the Seder night dinner, on the first evening of the annual Passover celebrations, a suitable gift is important. In respect of the wider celebrations, especially in Israel society, gift giving at Passover time has become important for friends, family and within the business community.

Passover Gifts

Cost of Passover Gifts and the Best Options

The range of Passover gifts is extensive, from small affordable items to more expensive, luxury options. Gifts from guests invited to Seder night dinner often reflect traditional themes. It must be remembered that any gifts of food must always be kosher, and particularly kosher for Passover.

Amongst the more traditional gifts for seder dinner guests, scented candles, costing in the region of $10-$20 are an ideal gift, and a wine decanter can be a great option for a gift costing $40-$50. A seder plate is slightly more expensive item, usually $80-$100, but is also an excellent gift option. Each of the above gifts reflects the traditions of Passover, and can form a part of the Seder night dinner itself.

A more general gift for Passover can be a kosher cookbook. A good quality kosher cookbook costs in the region of $20-$30, and is always a great option for an appreciated Passover gift.

Gift baskets, which will typically include traditional Passover foods, are also a popular option, especially amongst the business community. These can be designed to accommodate a specific budget and style, and can range from very basic baskets costing $20-$30, to more luxurious collections costing several hundreds of dollars.

Good quality housewares, including items such at towels, lines and tableware are also a great option. A budget of between $50-$100 will provide a thoughtful, appreciated holiday gift for the Passover holiday.

Where there is a difficulty choosing something appropriate, one of the best options will always be a bouquet of flowers. Costing upwards of $15-$20, a fresh bouquet of roses, lilies or carnations is always a well-received and popular Passover gift option.

How much do Passover gifts cost and what are the best options

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