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The perfect castle – everything you’ll need for the perfect sand castle

sand castle building set

There’s nothing better than a nice, relaxing day at the beach with the kids. The waves crashing on the sand, the scorching sun contrasting with the cool water, the sand on your feet, it’s all very soothing to the soul. But one way to augment the experience is by building a magnificent sandcastle. Keep on reading to find out what you need for the perfect sandcastle.


A Proper Beach

It may seem a little obvious, but to build a good castle one needs to pick a proper beach. Not all beaches are sandy like we picture them; some are rocky with pebbles, while others are filled with shells and clams. If you want to build a good sandcastle you need a good, sandy beach. Otherwise, it will just not work at all.

sand castle building set

Some Handy Tools

Once you’ve chosen an adequately sandy beach, you’ll need to gather some tools for the job. Shovels, buckets, and trowels are always handy for building sandcastles. They will help you scoop up sand and water for use in the castle’s construction. Some even have a sand castle building set and use it to great effect.


A Good Location

Once at the beach, you will need to choose the location of your castle carefully. This could determine its fate when opposing nature’s great obstacles. If your castle is too close to the waterline, it will eventually be washed by the sea and ruined. Too far, and you’ll find yourself walking back and forth to get water. Try somewhere in between both ends.

sand castle building set


Water is an instrumental ingredient in the construction of a good sandcastle. Since we are talking about sand, what we’ll be using as an emulsifier would be water. This is crucial for maintaining your castle’s overall form, as dry sand is prone to be blown by the wind and will not remain for too long. Use your bucket to gather water.



To build the best castle, you’ll need to work hard. Put time and effort into your work. Build turrets, form a drawbridge, and dig a moat for your castle to make it look splendid. The results will be worth it.



With the proper tools and the right location, you can build a fantastic sandcastle that will last any siege. You’ll feel proud of your creation, and you’ll also have a great deal of fun doing it.

sand castle building set

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