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How can I get an American document notarized in Israel?

אישור נוטריוני

Many of us will need to get a document notarized at some point in our lives. For most people, it’s just another box to tick. But if you happen to be abroad and need to notarize an American document, the process becomes slightly more complex. Thankfully, a Notary Public in Israel can help you along the way.


What is the issue with getting American documents signed abroad?

As they have a legal weight, notarized documents and contracts need to follow a strict bureaucratic process. Within the borders of the US, this is handled by a qualified notary, who understands the process for their specific state.

However, no US notary can practice outside of their state’s borders. Even if they still have all the relevant knowledge and are qualified in every way, their services become invalid when not inside America.

The traditional solution is to go to the Embassy, where the notary is authorized to notarize American documents abroad. However, unlike regular notary offices, the Embassy — particularly the American Embassy in Israel — is extremely oversubscribed, and meetings are in limited supply. Any appointment you secure could be months after the contract deadline passes.

אישור נוטריוני

What do I do if I need to get a document notarized, and I don’t have the time to wait for the Embassy?

Thankfully, there is a solution through which you can get through the process far more quickly and efficiently – all while staying in Israel.

The United States and Israel are both party to the Hague Apostille Convention. This is an agreement that means that you can have a public notary in Israel sign off and stamp your document, making it equivalent in its legal status to a notarized document from the United States.

To do this, seek an experienced Israeli notary with experience of the apostille process. Having a notary who is familiar with the system will take the pressure off you, and cover any issues, unexpected elements or extra requirements that you might not know about. The fees are all set by the Ministry of Justice (although remember that you may require some additional services, like translation, which will be added to your final price).

אישור נוטריוני

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