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What are mobile proxies made for?

mobile proxies

When you need an extra anonymity when you use the internet for one reason or another, a mobile proxy can help you with that. This is one of the common uses for a mobile proxy.


Uses for mobile proxies

There are more than one use for a mobile proxy. Anonymity and cybersecurity are two of the common uses for a mobile proxy. Although, there are more uses for mobile proxies, for individuals and for businesses.

mobile proxies


By using a mobile proxy, the user basically gets a different IP address. This way a user can get in to websites that can’t be connected directly to him, or to his geographic location. Whoever will check the IP address while a mobile proxy is being used, will get a different IP address and a different geographic location from the one the user is actually at.



A mobile proxy can help in the field of cybersecurity. The mobile proxy means that the user can’t be track backwards from the website he accessed to, to his actual location or to his IP address since it is a different IP address then the usual one that attached to his computer and location. It also prevent websites from recognizing the real identity of the user that got in to their website.

mobile proxies

Ad verification

In ad verification the mobile proxy allows an advertiser to check how his ad looks in the websites it was publish if it got in to the right locations and websites etc. Otherwise he would have needed a few different sim cards to access to the different countries, this way he uses one sim card and a few mobile proxies and switch between the mobile proxies easily.


To summarize

There are many uses for mobile proxies for individuals and for businesses alike. A mobile proxy gives a user an anonymity which allows him to get in to websites with out that his activity will lead to him or to his geographic location. Another use for mobile proxy is in cybersecurity. The user can’t be track backwards from the website and his identity stays protected from the websites he was accessing to. A use for mobile proxy that is common in businesses is ad verification. An advertiser can check about his ads in any location by using mobile proxies and one sim card, instead of using a different sim card for each country that publishes his ad.

mobile proxies



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