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How much do coloring pages cost?

coloring pages

Range of Coloring Pages

Paint and coloring books emerged from the United States in the late 19th Century. In the intervening years, coloring books remained a mainstream part of childhood pastimes. The growth in popularity of coloring pages has reflected changes in style and technology.

The advent of print technology, mass-popularization of crayons and increased educational creativity were both essential to the growth and availability of coloring books. Latterly, the benefits of coloring books for therapeutic and health reasons have seen a growth in the appeal of adult coloring pages.

Similarly for children, use of coloring pages in rehabilitation, co-ordination and assistance with autistic challenges and learning, have all been a product of the growth in coloring pages. The basic line art originally provided traditional scenarios and patterns. Although these initial designs remain popular, the growth of coloring pages has included a host of new and innovative styles.

From automobiles, cartoon characters and animals, to historical narratives, educational support and pop culture, the range of coloring pages that are available, continues to grow.

coloring books

Popular Coloring Pages

Despite the influence of modern technology to create and make coloring pages easily available, many original styles of coloring pages remain popular. Use of crayons, colored pencils, paint and marker pens have also remained popular for use in coloring books.

Today many children’s coloring pages feature cartoon characters, geometric designs, however, animals coloring pages have remained amongst the most popular choices for coloring pages. Educational coloring pages have been recognized for their learning benefits, with the ability to motivate students understanding of topics that would otherwise be uninteresting to students.

Anatomy, zoology, history and geometry are all good examples of popular coloring pages used successfully in contemporary education.


Cost of Coloring Pages

As per the growth in the range and availability of coloring pages, there is a similar range in the costs of coloring pages. Modern printing and download technology have obviously had a dramatic effect on cost and availability. Some coloring pages are available free to download on-line.

Other, more detailed, intricate or specific designs, are available from artistic retail outlets and on-line stores at a reasonable, affordable cost. Special issues of coloring pages for cartoon and toy characters are also relatively affordable, but can be less so at first issue.

With the availability of desktop design and graphic software, bespoke, personalized coloring pages can be purchased, but at a gradually higher cost.

coloring pages

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