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How Much Does a Night in a Hotel in Israel Cost?

מלונות בישראל

Israel is a great destination for many types of tourists. It not only features beautiful sights and landscapes, but it also contains within it many sites of religious significance to many believers. To maximize the traveling experience, one needs to pick the right hotel for the job

. These can get rather expensive though, so here is a handy guide to give you a general indication of how much should a hotel cost for several popular cities.


Which Factors Affect the Prices of the Hotels the most?

Israel is very diverse; its cities offer many kinds of attractions of many types. Some of these attractions are ocean – based, so many hotels have been established nearby the sea. This led to a familiar trend: the closer the hotel is to the shore, the more expensive it will most likely be. Israel hotels are known for their high prices when located right next to the Mediterranean Sea.

Another major factor is the proximity to famous attractions. The lack of need to rent a car or public transportation can potentially drive the prices of hotel rooms up by quite a bit. This means that the more central the location, the higher the price. Jerusalem is a prominent example of this, with hotels close to the Western Wall being pricier than their more distant counterparts.

Israel hotels

Hotel Prices in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s beaches and nightlife are known worldwide, and hotel owners know this. The average price for 2 guests in a double room for one night is usually around 300 NIS for hostels, 680 NIS for 3 – star hotels, 758 NIS for 4 – star hotels, and 1,205 NIS for 5 – star hotels.


Hotel Prices in Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s religious significance to all 3 major monotheistic religions makes it a prime location for many from across the world. The average price for 2 guests in a double room for one night is expected to be around 350 NIS for hostels, 730 NIS for 3 – star hotels, 1,191 NIS for 4 – star hotels, and 1,522 NIS for 5 – star hotels.

Israel hotels

Hotel Prices in Eilat

Eilat is a resort city with many water – based attractions. The average price for a hostel would be 543 NIS, 670 NIS for a 3 – star hotel, 1,683 NIS for a 4- star hotel, and 2,270 NIS for a 5 – star hotel.



The average prices of hotels in Israel can vary from city to city. With this list, you can get a better feeling for how much each hotel should cost according to your destination.

Israel hotels

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