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How much things cost?

Welcome Ceeitandtelecom, where you will find posts related to everything imaginable. We collect different costs from different sources available on the internet and offer you all in one information without wasting precious time exploring for deeper bits of information.

Our goal is to offer you a depth overview of the cost that you need to avail yourself of a service, gadget, and so much more.

Our website was built to help you—the consumer—discover what the costs of things are in life. When we established this platform, we realized that you could often find the answers elsewhere online. However, there isn’t really a place where everyone can share what they paid.

Indeed, the sources you see online are biased, with some comments here and there not truly giving you a certain answer. On top of that, can you truly trust if that website or retailer is providing a fair price?

This is where Ceeitandtelecom comes in. We compile all the facts and information you need in just one place.

What Topics Do We Cover

This list evolves every time. But here are some of the categories we have already covered on our website and many more:

Real Estate

A purchase of a home is no doubt an exhilarating process, but there are important steps that you should learn. We have prepared a series of topics for you to follow so that you can best be prepared and prepare your budget.

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, there are many transactions you will encounter. We take that voyage with you from beginning to end, providing not just our expertise in the real estate market but helping you with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate it successfully.

We can be your leading real estate resource, especially if you are buying or selling homes. We are more than a website for letting you know how much it costs to list a property to how much it costs to rent a property.

Real Estate


Homeownership inevitably indicates that there will be spaces and rooms that require some extra attention and love, both outside and inside. Whether your home project is as small as painting your living room or as huge as totally gutting your kitchen, there are many things you need to consider.

We have broken down a plethora of the most popular handyman costs to help you make smart decisions before -you start diving in.

Home & Garden

Apart from real estate and handyman topics, we also share with you important “how much it cost” information about home and garden. We understand the struggles that come with choosing new things that you will use on a regular basis. Whether it is a revamp for a backyard hobby or something to spice up your kitchen, having the resources and tools to make an educated purchase is always necessary.

Our team of professionals is here to make sure your decision-making process is as simplified when it is time to refurnish your home or upgrade an outdoor setup. From outdoor essentials to interior foods, we have you covered.

Home & Garden

Are You Ready to Become a Smart and Informed Consumer

Review sites are shattered. Too many are just trying to take advantage of on affiliate revenue. They also take money from labels to distort results. Sometimes, they review only the products or services that offer the most kickbacks when you purchase.

Our mission is to empower all consumers to find the products they are seeking and get exactly the information they need to make the best buying decisions. Our “how much it cost” guides are either based on research we have done ourselves or aggregated from reliable sources.

We are always crystal clear about where our information comes from, so you don’t need to waste your precious money and time buying the wrong thing.

Feel free to browse through our library of “how much it can cost.” We spend hours researching and reviewing every topic, then format everything into a simple-to-read layout so just you can get what you need in minutes. We do all the homework, so you do not have to. Thanks for visiting!

We always love the work we do, and even so, when we hear about amazing experiences you’ve had after one of our guides helped you. Feel free to drop a comment on our articles and engage with us. Every share or read supports and motivates us to keep delivering useful and informative content.

Aesthetics & Beauty

Welcome to the ever-changing land of aesthetics and beauty products—a place where you can effortlessly reinvent yourself, try new looks, improve your features, and enjoy yourself while you are at it.

In this category, we will take you through everything you need to know about cosmetics, beauty, aesthetics, makeup, beauty products, and so much more. We will discuss how much it costs for you to undergo a certain cosmetic procedure and factors that impact the price of the treatment while discussing your changing needs and wants to be based on your unique preferences and style.


Do not buy the latest gadgets until you are informed. That’s what we manage to say around. That and “do not forget to charge it first.” Our how much it cost guides will make sure you make the right buying decisions—from the newest iPhones to the latest VR headsets or the best laptop for students.

We offer relevant and insightful content on the best tech gear available in the market. You will find answers to all your “how much it cost” questions that are thoughtfully curated and crafted to bring you the most useful gear for overcoming daily problems.

We have extensive articles on the best technology gadgets and devices out there and relentlessly look for the best answers—helping you make value-driven and well-informed decisions.
To that end, we pledge to offer you objective articles that are free of brand influence or marketing speak.

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Home & Garden


Finance & Real Estate


At Ceeitandtelecom, we aim to keep our informative updated and accurate. Due to the continuously changing nature of financial information, our information may be somewhat different than what you see when you visit other platforms. When making your final decision, always conduct your research before making a purchase.