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How Much Does A Plumber Cost To Unclog A Sink?

A clogged sink can lead to severe problems. It can lead to inconvenience and bad for you and your family’s health. With that, you should take immediate action to hire a professional to unclog a sink. In this post, we will tackle how much a plumber costs to unclog a sink.

Average plumber cost to unclog a sink

The average plumber cost to unclog a sink is about $75 to $550. It can depend on the accessibility, hourly rate, cause, and severity of the blockage. Usually, plumbers provide flat rates when it comes to basic drain cleaning.

If you need to unclog severe sinks, you can pay around $45 to $150 per hour. The following is a list of the estimated cost of a plumber to clear a sink:

Minimum cost – $75

National average cost – $216

Maximum cost – $550

Average range – $100 to $275

Factors that can affect the cost of unclogging a sink

The plumber cost for unclogging a sink can depend on several factors, which include the following.

Trip fee

Some plumbers may provide free estimates, but some can charge you with $50 to $200 call-out fee that covers the first hour of the job.


Plumbing estimates can depend on the job travel distance, size, season, and region.


Clogs from the main line are more difficult to access than sink basins or tub blockages. Some work may need to access multiple connection points or temporarily remove your toilet.

Cause of blockage

Another factor that can affect the plumber’s cost is the cause of the blockage. Soap scum, dirt, food waste, and hair are easier to unblock than grease, broken pipes, or tree roots.


Usually, blockages can last about 5 minutes to unclog. Meanwhile, severe mainline clogs or multiple clogged pipes take hours to unclog. It may need a video camera inspection.

Unforeseen damage

Plumbers may require to replace toilet parts, plumbing pipes, or garbage disposal.

Unclogging drain cost by service

The plumber cost of unclogging a drain depends on the service needed. The average cost for draining a sink, toilet, shower drain, or tub is around $100 to $275. Here are the estimated costs for these services:

Main line – $200 to $800

Toilet – $100 to $275

Laundry drain – $150 to $250

Bathroom tub/sink/ shower – $100 to $250

Kitchen sink – $100 to $220

When should you call a plumber to unclog a sink?

The following are some signs that you should call a plumber to unclog your sink.

  • There’s mess spreading like flooding, sewage backup, or standing water
  • If you use a drain snake or plunger but still fail to eliminate the clog
  • Blockage affects different plumbing fixtures or drains in your house


How long does it take to unclog a sink?

Plumbers can unclog a sink for about five minutes. It can also depend on the number of pipes and length affected.

Choosing a sink cleaning plumber

If you hire a plumber to unclog your sink, consider the tips below.

  • Get an insured company and has been in the industry for more than 5 years
  • Ask for a written warranty for their service, including any parts
  • Read reviews about their past work
  • Hire a plumber with professional experience



A clogged sink can bring inconvenience and other problems. The best solution is to hire a professional plumber to unclog your sink. So, you can prevent it from worsening. However, there are many plumbers available on the market. Make sure to hire a reliable and experienced plumber who can provide the best service for you.

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