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How Much Does a Fabric Couch Cost?

Reupholstering a couch differs on different factors. The fabric cost varies from $10-$60 or more. Considering the labor changes and material, you might need to spend at least $500-$5,000, not to mention they will be some extra fees that include minor modifications and repairing.

The average cost for reupholstering a couch is between $750 and $3,500. People often pay at least $1,700 for upholstery of a standard 8-foot sofa with mid-range materials and average labor costs added.

What is the Average Cost for Reupholstering a Fabric Couch?

Here are the common fabric materials you may consider and their price ranges:


Natural silk is an exquisite option but is the costliest of all, costing around $60-70 per yard. Most people prefer a synthetic option to save money, but there’s beauty in silk fabric, offering a soft and smooth texture. However, it is not that durable.


Velvet can cost around $55-65 per yard and is one of the most pleasant fabrics utilized for upholstery. Apart from having a soft, warm texture, velvet showcases the shape of furniture. It does an excellent job of standing out among other higher-end fabrics due to its benefits and beauty, but it does have an expensive cost.


It will cost around $50-$60 per yard for vinyl material to reupholster a couch. It’s a durable option for different places in the home, but people do not think about it for furniture. It offers an option for lounge areas or outdoor furniture where you need something simple to clean.


You’ll spend at least $50-$80 per yard on this fabric. This lightweight material is extremely warm and feels like wool. It costs a lot more than most synthetic and natural materials, but it provides long-lasting use without being heavy.


This fabric cost at least $45-$90 per yard. The reason behind the expensive cost is because it comes in different durability and quality levels. It’s strong like cotton but a synthetic material that’s more durable and offers extended life. It also holds colors better than cotton fabrics.


Other people are shocked to know that leather is not the costliest fabric option, only costing at least $45-$55 per yard. If you have a leather couch, reupholstering will always be a more reasonable option for replacement. It’s flexible, durable, and looks amazing.


This fabric material costs $20-$45 per yard. The cost depends on the couch’s size and how much material you may need. This durable synthetic fabric material provides a premium finished look for a lower price than other materials.


Linen will cost around $25-$35 per yard. It’s a thin, breathable material that’s great for people who prefer a lighter look for this couch. In spite of its look, it’s strong and provides fast-drying and good absorbency features.


Cotton is an affordable and natural option that costs $15-$20 per year. Since it’s a natural material, it may wear quickly with too much use than other materials, but it’s a decent, reasonable option.


Nylon is a good material that costs $10-$15 per yard. It’s widely picked because it’s reasonable and often seen on many economically priced living room furniture and sofas. It’s simple to clean and offers a longer lifespan than other fabrics.

The average cost to reupholster your couch is at least $10 to $90 per yard, based on material type. That differs based on the amount of reupholstering required and the material used. You will need approximately eighteen to twenty yards of fabric for a standard-size couch.

Also, fabric comes in many arrays of color options and durability levels. For instance, high-quality fabric with stain resistance will cost more than fabric with less durability.

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