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How Much is the New M1 MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Pro with M1 is a laptop with an unsurpassed combo of endurance and power, which makes it one of the best laptops you can purchase right now. Thanks to the M1 chip, the silicon inside the three-pound monster runs circles around many Windows laptops, especially when we talk about sheer performance.

Just as essential, the new MacBook Pro M1 outlives the competition on battery life. We are talking about over sixteen hours of endurance.


How Much is the MacBook Pro M1?

The new M1 MacBook Pro had a launch date of November 17th and began at a price of $1,299. That arrangement will offer you the most powerful M1 chip from Apple along with an 8-core GPU and 8-core CPU, plus an 8 GB of unified memory (RAM).

You also get 256 GB of storage to begin but take note that the $1,499 model of the MacBook Pro M1 has 512 GB of storage.

Would you like to configure it on your own? Fortunately, you can choose from a number of upgrades available. It costs $200 to go from the 8 GB memory to the 16 GB of memory. If you are not satisfied with the 512 GB storage, the 1 TB storage costs an additional $400, while the 2 TB will cost you $800.

The MacBook Pro 2021 looks to improve on the present model. Some rumors claim that Apple will bring the MagSafe charging back and the SD memory reader and get rid of the Touch Bar, all while including faster processors and embracing the flat-edge design language of the iPad Pro and iPhone 12.


Should You Buy the New M1 MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Pro M1 is one of the best thirteen inches laptops money can purchase. You receive amazing performance and terrific battery life for only $1,299. Yet, the speed gap between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M1 is not only remarkable.

There are other reasons to splurge for the new MacBook Pro with M1. You receive better-sustained performance for bigger tasks, thanks to the MacBook Pro features a fan, and the MacBook Air does not. People also do value that the former has a brighter display and an improved GPU for its opening price. If Apple only threw it in two more Thunderbolt ports, people think the MacBook pro would be a simpler sell.

Other users may prefer the 14-inch MacBook Pro, sporting a bigger fourteen inches mini-LED display together with more ports and a strong M1 Pro chip. Nonetheless, that laptop begins at $1,999. Also, a new entry-level MacBook Pro 2022, along with an upgraded M2 chip, is supposedly launching later this year, but we suspect that it is launching anything soon.


Is It a Good Buy?

The MacBook Pro is a decent purchase, especially if you like a Pro machine that burns a smaller hole in your pocket. For now, it’s an M1 MacBook Air on powerful steroids. If you’re not getting the Pro for future-proofing, you can always opt for MacBook Air as an alternative.

Nonetheless, if you are into heavy things such as working on 3D modeling, different streams of 4K videos, and others, then the MacBook Pro is an excellent option, only if you are on the budget. Also, the premium you pay for the MacBook 14 is only justified better by its specifications.

To sum up, a lot of people love the 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1, and it is a great option for power users out there. So, what do you think about the 13-inch MacBook Pro? Will you buy one or go with the 14- or 16-inch instead?

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