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How Much Do Christmas Decorations Cost?

קישוט חג המולד

Just before the jingle bells will jingle all the way we made to that time of the year when everything is festive and full of light! That is, if you made in time to the shop and bought your Christmas lights. If you didn’t, then you are well in luck because it is time to review how much do Christmas lights cost.


The price of Christmas Themed Lights

No ornaments in this article. Only light décor. You can find today in many shops Christmas lights, but not fairly available at this time of year. You may find various Christmas lights and Christmas themed lights as cheap  as 5 American dollars and as expensive as 40 dollars. Lighting products that come in the designs like candy cane, Christmas – themed lightbulbs and other pieces are more likely to cost a little extra.


The Rope Lights Option

In various sizes and colors, the rope lights are taking over as the go – to option for a quick, easy to install and colorful option to decorate your hose and tree in the upcoming holiday. Rope lights come in various sizes, from 45 centimeters and all the way to 100 meters long! As you can understand, the length is the main factor for the lights’ price. The shortest will cost around 32 dollars and a – 100 meters long may cost as much as fifty dollars.


Old–School Lights

Garlands, or decorative cords are the previous version of rope lights. It may be quite the clumsy chore to hang and place them, not to mention to install colored lightbulbs that will fit the holiday spirit, but light cords are a beautiful and an excellent alternative if you run short on solutions. 


The Main Criteria

As we can see, the price tag can be as cheap as a few boxes of cookies and as expensive as a new set of clothes. Lighting products may be expensive because of the type of lightbulb. LED lights consume less energy and more complex to manufacture as chains.


The Bottom Line

Remember, you may decorate your house with Christmas lights with a very low budget. No worries there. At the same time, you may also use the easiest installation rope lights, order Christmas themed lights and various other colors as long as you can afford more then 35 dollars. Remember, Christmas lights are a multi-use product!

קישוט חג המולד

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